Mute Mate for Trumpet

The only trumpet mute holder you’ll ever need.

The Mute Mate trumpet mute holder in use with music stand

The Mute Mate trumpet mute holder folded for storage

The Mute Mate carrying pouch with drawstring

The Mute Mate trumpet mute holder in use for pit orchestra or concert band/orchestra

Mute Mate Customer Reviews

Jeff G., Simsbury, CT 
   Regarding my experiences with Mute Mate; love it, love it, love it!!!  I am 6'4" and have low back pain from time to time. Whether sitting through a wind ensemble rehearsal or standing for our jazz rehearsals/gigs, Mute Mate has saved me time AND pain in making really quick mute changes. Most of the time, I am doubling up the 4 rings to 2 for my straight and cup. I've used all 4 for my jazz playing when needing to accommodate my Harmon and plunger. So it is extremely versatile. The other players in my section are envious of my mute-changing ability now.  Mute Mate is awesome, and I've recommended it to my colleagues whenever they ask me about it.  Thank you so much for providing a really useful product and solving a long-standing (no pun intended) problem for me!

David R., Beaver Falls, NY 
    The unit arrived in time for me to practice my mute changes as well as the music, a good thing for any musical.  I had been musing on purchasing a holder for the better part of a year, looking around on the internet for ideas.  What tipped the scales toward your unit was that it is able to be mounted on the stand and also on the chair.  Since I tend to play below the stand in a pit band, having a brace of mutes stationed there wouldn't be a smart idea.  However, standing 4-5 mutes on my case next to me wasn't working either.  Your mute mate did the duty very well.  I am confident now that the corks will not get caught on the rings due to their generous diameter.  So, next Monday is a big-band rehearsal and I will be standing with the Mute Mate attached to the stand, undoubtedly taking envious stares from the rest of the section, as they head to the floor to find a mute!  Thanks much.
Bill B., West Columbia, SC 
   I have used the Mute Mate several times now and like it a lot.  It sure makes the mutes handy for quick retrieval and it sure is sturdy.  You may be getting more calls for it from people I play with as it has caught peoples eyes. I know of at least one who may already have ordered one.
Ted C., Grand Rapids, MI 
   If it wasn’t for the Mute Mate, I would not be able to play the last 5 bars of Jim Martin’s arrangement of “Laura”.  I’ve got 1 bar to get the harmon mute in.  And, you have my permission to quote me on your website.

Dan J., Los Angeles, CA 
   I'm very happy to now own the Mute Mate. It functions perfectly, exactly as advertised!! Thanks Lynn.

Max C. III, Grand Rapids, MI 
   If it wasn’t for the Mute Mate, there is no way I could play “Fun Time” by Sammy Nestico; too many mute changes too fast.

Wynton Marsalis using the Mute Mate

Mute Mate + Free Accessory Bag

What is the Mute Mate?

The Mute Mate is a trumpet mute holder which will keep up to 4 mutes close at hand during performance.  Designed by a jazz trumpeter and professionally manufactured, the Mute Mate attaches in mere seconds and remains sturdy throughout the entire performance.  Stable and easy-to-use, the Mute Mate was made by professionals for professionals.

Who needs a Mute Mate?

The Mute Mate is ideal for jazz trumpet players and pit orchestra players.  Great for anyone who:

  1. Bullet wants to stop reaching to the floor each time a mute is called for

  2. Bulletuses up to four mutes at a time (not designed for Humes & Berg/Stone Lined-style straight mutes)

  3. Bulletwants to be assured that their mute will not tip over and roll across the floor during a quiet moment

  4. Bulletwants to protect their investment in mutes

  5. Bulletwants to feel comfortable making quick changes between muted sections

Mute Mate specifications:

  1. Bulletthe 3.25” mute rings have a rubberized coating to protect your mutes from scratches

  2. Bulletmeasures 4.25” by 7.25” when folded

  3. Bulletrotates 360 degrees for use on vertical music stand shafts, music chair legs, or slanted/folding chair legs

  4. Bulletcomes with a handy carrying pouch to protect your Mute Mate and other items in your trumpet case or mute bag; note the drawstring closure

  5. Bulletthe T-locks are easy to grip and turn, yet lock tight and stay in place during use

  6. Bulletthe clamp has a rubberized coating to protect music stands etc., and assure stability during use

The Mute Mate

Trumpet Mute Holder Video