TARNISHNOT®️ Trumpet Storage Bags

Lynn K. Asper


No more tarnish - when you slip your horn into the tarnish resistant TARNISHNOT®️ Trumpet Storage Bag, pull the drawstring, and place your instrument into it's case. 

This unique storage bag is made from a special tarnish resistant material and will actually protect your valuable instrument from tarnish and everyday dirt and scratches. No more tarnish build-up and dull finishes. 

Who needs a TARNISHNOT®️ Trumpet Storage Bag?

Anyone who has multiple horns, puts their horn in the case for several days or more, plays their horn intermittently, has skin that creates tarnish on rings and/or trumpets, or who just wants the very best protection available for their investment.

Are different sizes available?                                                            

Yes! The TARNISHNOT®️ Trumpet Storage Bag is available in sizes for all trumpets and cornets:

• Bb/C/D/Eb/ Trumpet and Cornet

• Flugelhorn

• Piccolo Trumpet

How is the TARNISHNOT®️ Trumpet Storage Bag manufactured?

Each bag is hand manufactured from unique materials that should not be washed. A self-locking drawstring ensures that your horn stays safely inside to receive the best tarnish-reducing effects.